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Related article: Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 14:45:36 -0800 (PST)
From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 15First, www russian lolita com the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION, Copyright 2010. The
narrative that follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The
characters in the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact
Me to meet these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these
slaves. Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 15The fagboy Ryan came back home Saturday evening, to what was now his
Master's home, finding a lot going on. Everyone had apparently already
eaten and Sirs Mitchell and Duncan were getting ready to go out for the
night. "We're hanging out at the frat, then going out with a few of the
guys lookin' to get laid. When we get home you can clean off our dicks,"
Sir Duncan sneered. Master was putting something together in the garage
and the fagdad seemed to be about done tossing out everything that was once
"theirs," Tyler's or Ryan's. Ryan stripped in the cell, leaving his
clothes on the mattress, and crawled into Master's bedroom to put the
laptop on His bed and open it up to display a spreadsheet of His apartment.
He could look through it at His leisure and decide what needed to be
brought into His new home and what should be thrown or given away. Ryan
had spent the day describing each item in detail to avoid any confusion.It was dull, tedious work, but then again, that's why Master now owned
slaves. Ryan was able to admit to a strange arousal in touching things his
Master owned, whether it was His underwear (14 tighty-whities, 7 white
boxers, 6 boxers of different plaids), or His DVDs (concentration of war
movies, some comedies, and a huge box of straight porn). Ryan now knew the
kind of women his Master lusted after: blonde, slender, surprisingly small
in the chest. And he knew his Master got off on fantasy lesbian porn. No
man-on-man porn in the collection, proving to Ryan that he and his dad
really were just holes of opportunity for Master to use. In any way He
might wish.The fagboy also learned that his Master was very smart. There were lots of
books in His home, on all sorts of subjects. Not so many novels, but
plenty of books on how to do things, make things, learn things. Ryan
suspected www russian lolita com Master nude preteen girls lolitas spoke, or at least read, 4 languages, although he only
heard Him speak English. The fagboy had also inventoried books about
computers and the internet, metal-working ... it seemed Master could learn
anything He chose to learn.The fagboy went into the second bedroom to help his fagdad toss everything
out. It looked like the fagdad had a rough time tearing apart their old
lives. They both knew it was necessary to live new lives as owned slaves.
The fagdad was going through the dresser, tossing almost everything into
trash bags. "I loli cp portal top saved you what I think are your favorite jeans and a heavy
sweatshirt. Is that ok?""Sure," the fagboy Ryan answered. "It doesn't really matter since we'll
both be naked most of the time. By the way, um, i'm really proud of the
fagdad. i know how sudden and difficult this has been.""i couldn't have done it without your help, Ry ... er ... the fagboy's
help. You need to know how proud i am of you, too. So you're ok with
quitting college? i'd push for you to continue, but i understand the need
to not be distracted from life as a slave. The thing is, though, do you
want to be nothing but a fagboy for the rest of your life? That's a long
time....""i've never been surer of anything else. Really. It's the only thing that
makes me happy.""OK. Then i'm on board with it. After all, if nothing else, i've learned
that i'm not in any position to tell anyone how to live their lives," the
fagdad smiled, continuing to toss everything that defined the fagboy as
Ryan into the trash. The fagboy joined in, exorcising any sense of
identity into the garbage.Within an hour, everything in the home that had belonged to Tyler or Ryan
was now the property of Alexi or lola girl model site in the trash. The fagboy and fagdad
crawled into the garage where Master was still working and knelt quietly
waiting to be of use.Although there was no way to specifically identify what Master was working
on, it was clearly a device for use on the two faggots. There were two
identical metal stockades built to hold a slave doggie-style, each of which
were attached to wooden dollies. There were also two metal c-style rods
that looked like they could hold the wheels of the dollies in place.
Master saw his two fagslaves and smiled. "Hey there, bitches. Get the
handcuffs from the workbench." The fagboy reached up and retrieved them.
Master locked one of each of the two faggots` ankles together. "In my
bathroom there are a couple of enema kits. Use them. Clean out your
asscunts. Deeply and thoroughly."The two faggots crawled together into Alexi's bath. The fagboy's face was
deep red. "How do we...."The fagdad answered, "I'll take care of it. Just relax your hole. This
won't hurt. The worst part will just be the sound." The fagboy winced as
he felt his hole being invaded by a flow of water. "Keep your head and
upper body down. Let the water flow into nude lolita art photography
your guts." The fagdad kept the
flow slow and steady so the fagboy was able to hold it all in. "Good. Now
just relax and keep it in as long as possible." It was only possible to
hold it in for a minute before he felt the water straining to get out.
With their ankles cuffed together, he had to rush to get past his fagdad
and on the toilet in time. The fagboy was thoroughly humiliated having to
shit out his guts out in front of his dad. young pussy lolita pics The fagdad looked up at him and
smiled encouragingly. "OK, now do the same for me. Keep it nice lolita dark angels nude and slow
so it can settle in a bit."The fagboy inserted the enema tube into his fagdad's ass, silently crying
in shame. Jesus, he had done so much depraved shit, but he never felt so
ashamed in his life. It was clearly because his dad was there as well.
Well, the man who was his dad, who was now his fagdad. The fagboy took a
deep breath and slowly started squeezing on the enema bottle, letting its
contents slowly run into the fagdad's guts. The fagboy's other hand was on
his fagdad's abs, instinctively caressing and relaxing him. The fagboy
noticed with some pride how well his fagdad had taken care of his body.
Though not a six-pack, his abs were tight and in good shape. The fagdad
soon pushed the fagboy aside and sat on the john, crudely voiding the
enema. They repeated this process several times before they both ran clear
and were thoroughly emptied. They rejoined Master in the garage.Master smiled warmly. "Great timing. I'm about done here. Each of you
grab one of these dollies young pussy lolita pics and push it into the great room. I'll grab the
rest." The fagboy saw Master grab a large bag along with the metal rods.
He hadn't noticed that the two C-rods were soldered to smaller rods,
keeping them a fixed distance from each other.Once in the great room, Master sat down. "I've done a lot of reading on
how to take care of fagbitches like you two. Seems one of the more
important things I need to do to keep your shit together is provide
structure. That doesn't just mean routine, asswipes; that means a known
set of consequences for when you fuck up. So that's what I've been working
on today. I'm doing you two the favor of showing you how you will be
punished for fucking up."Master pulled a small winch out of the bag. Of the small rods that held
the two C-rods into place, at the center was one with an inset into which
Master placed the winch. He then slid the two dollies into either end of
the C-rods. Apparently the fagboy and the fagdad would be on opposite
ends, facing away from each other. This looked menacing. "My faggots need
to get their asses into place in these shackles." The faggots compliantly
crawled into Master's new stockades.Master locked them in place at their wrist, ankles, and collars. There was
no way to escape. Master then fastened a small strip of leather around
each of their nutsacks and fastened something to the strips. He then lubed
up their fuckholes. Master stood in front of the fagboy with a long, fat,
double-headed dildo. "See this? It's going up both of your fuckholes. In
a minute or so, I'm going to push in just the heads. The rest will come
later." He walked around to show it to the fagdad. "I've attached the
winch to both of your nutsacks. The two of you will slowly be pulled by
your balls toward each other, swallowing up this dildo as you get closer
and closer. It'll take an hour or so for the winch to bring the two of you
together. Then I'll just keep you in place as you try to accommodate all
30 inches of this fucker. Since this isn't for punishment tonight, we'll
make it a contest. There's a black line at the center of this dildo.
Whoever has the line up their fuckhole when time's up is the winner."
Master got between them and pushed both their holes open for the dildo. He
then flicked a switch on the winch and the fagboy felt a soft pull on his
nuts. "I'll set the timer for... hmm... 2 hours. Have fun, faggots! May
the best whore win!" Master sat on the sofa, put His feet up, one on each
faggot, and grabbed the remote to start channel surfing while His faggots
grunted as the discomfort in their nuts and holes grew.First, the fagboy just dealt with the pain of his entire body being pulled
along by his balls. It didn't take long for the dildo to start sliding
deeper inside him. The fagboy's hole was still virginic and unused to
being filled. He instinctively pushed and heard his fagdad moan as the
dildo was forced inside him. He felt awful for making his fagdad loli free pee child suffer,
vowing to work to open his hole as much as possible for this invasion.Master was apparently a channel surfer, so it was hard to judge the passing
of time. The fagboy's hole was brutally distended. He felt a push as his
fagdad's hole had apparently reacted to the same stimulus by pushing the
dildo even deeper into the fagboy. He started to cry, trying to do so
quietly so his fagdad wouldn't hear.Eventually their asses touched each other and the winch stopped its
insistent pulling. It did, however, keep them in place, preventing any
attempt to back away from each other and ease the pain of the dildo's
intrusion. The fagboy felt still more push into him as his fagdad tried to
find some solace. He instinctively pushed back, making his fagdad grunt.
"I'm sorry," the fagboy said.Master slammed His boots on both their backs. "Keep quiet, faggots. I'm
trying to watch TV."The fagboy felt his fagdad answer by sensually rotating his butt back and
forth, trying to turn this pain into a sensual fuck. The fagboy responded
by twisting his hips back and forth to counter these movements, increasing
the rotation of the dildo inside both their holes. They started fucking
themselves, and each other, with the dildo.For the fagboy, this was a mixed blessing. Both their pricks were encaged,
making the fulfillment of this sensuality impossible. There was no way to
get off, no way to even get hard. The only result was to crave an even
deeper fucking, making the desire snowball. After awhile, he started to
thrust his hole around the dildo. The fagdad joined in and the two of them
became lost in the delirium of fucking themselves, and each other, with an
endless prick.The timer went off and Master laughed, xxx preteen lolita bbs pulling His legs off His faggots.
"I see that was a pleasant punishment. Good. I'll remember that. But now
consider how much worse it could be if I added some hot pepper into the
lube. Or used some menthol rub like ben-gay. Keep that in mind,
fagwhores. So, let's see who was our winner." Master got up and inspected
the dildo. "Well, we definitely have a winner. I'll unhook these fagnuts
and see which one of you bitches is caressing the center line with your
fuckhole." The fagboy felt his Master's hands pulling him and his fagdad
away from each other. "Congratulations to the fagboy. You outfucked your
fagdad." The fagboy smiled. "Your reward is spending the evening with Me.
Go into My bedroom and await Me there. For our loser, I have a special
reward. After I unlock the fagdad, I expect him to follow Me into
Mitchell's and Duncan's room."The fagboy eagerly crawled into Master's bedroom awaiting the chance to
service Him.

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